Alberta Boxer Club Inc.

History of the Alberta Boxer Club

Written by Thea Dymott of NUBYU Boxers

A group of dedicated Boxer Friends had chatted at shows often talking about the possibility of starting a Boxer Club In Alberta. Those gatherings finally came together after a dog show with the first elected members of the Unofficial Alberta Boxer Club, Who were President - Sharon Berry (Berlane Boxers) Vice President - Karen Harrison (Starview Kennels) Secretary - Thea Dymott (NuBYU Boxers) From that point in time it was a learning experience for every member.

A constitution was taken from another local dog club and modified to meet the needs of Boxers, it was very basic, we came up with a crest that was designed and chosen by members along with a newsletter called "The Boxer Byte" to let members know where we were in becoming an official club. The executive remained in office for two years at that time, which made it possible to move things forward at a faster pace. Applications and criteria were applied for and met within the first year. The Alberta Boxer Club became an official club in 1989.
One full year later, and now officially The Alberta Boxer Club, we had our sights set on becoming a very active club ...

We held our first Boosters in the early 1990's two of which were held in Edmonton in conjunction with their 80th anniversary shows. Some of our Boxer Boosters were so successful that we had to have the specials only entries split for males and females as the entry was too large for all the specials to fit in the ring at one time.

The members of the Alberta Boxer Club had agreed to hold a series of sanctioned matches as soon as possible to enable us to hold our own show specialties. The first of which came unexpectedly, by default really, we were given 24hrs to make our decision by the Calgary Association of Dog Fanciers to except a draw to hold a sanction match at one of the most coveted times of the dog year, "January." This information was given to us late December. Arrangements for the match had to be done at a very rapid pace, we succeeded, and were told it was one of the largest entries for a sanction match in some time.
That first sanction match was held January 3, 1993, and was inside. The second was outside and one of our judges was Margo Palmer, what a fun day that was, even the weather helped us out. The last and final sanction match was in the fall of 1993 in Edmonton, all completed within the year. In The early years everything was accomplished by the members, the ribbons and anything else needed was made by Club members, The Alberta Boxer Club was money poor but member rich.

The Alberta Boxer Club was very quick to meet its conditions for the next level, the Specialty Shows ....We held our first Specialty show July 31st 1994 and we have held one each year since we first met the criteria to hold Specialties.

Many of our members put The Alberta Boxer Club where it is today and although we are not club poor anymore we are still member rich and to this day every service undertaken by a member whether novice or expert in the field is done on a volunteer basis. With these special people the Alberta Boxer Club can only move forward in to the 21st century. Another Specialty Show in conjunction with the Alberta Kennel Club summer show was held in the year 2000 with yet another goal set for ourselves with our first Regional .... and if these shows go anything like the first few shows The Alberta Boxer Club hosted, it will be worth being at our shows.....